Use Handhelds to manage deliveries. Works for both Van Sales & Van Delivery

Record Temperatures, Capture Signatures, Produce Invoices & Credit Notes, Collect Receipts, Identify Returns & Control Vehicle Costs

Invoices can be printed on a variety of printers or automatically emailed to customers, eliminating paper & reducing costs

Road communicates in real time with Office using the Mobile Phone Network

Signature capture ensures POD’s are stored electronically, reducing costs & enhancing credit control

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Extend your Office to the Factory in a simple, robust and reliable way. Link your existing scales & printers to speed up operations

Touch panel PC’s eliminate paperwork & maximise efficiency with instantaneous communication

Full stock control & simple traceability makes food accreditation easy

Prep Notes, Product Specs & Pick Note Labels ensures 100% accuracy with order preparation

Works with or without printing barcodes & complies with GS1 Labelling Standards

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is the ‘hub’ that puts you in complete control

It covers all your daily operations and administration from telesales to balance sheet

It reduces paperwork and provides a seamless, constant flow of information

It ensures your customer gets the right product, at the correct price and on time

Modules include Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control, Traceability, EDI, Pricebooks, Specifications and much much more

Audit trails record who did what, where and when for full accountability

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has been developed exclusively for the Food & Distribution Industry

We have over 25 years expertise developing software

With a proven track record of increasing profits and improving efficiency, 25 years of evolution has made Season the reliable industry choice.

We provide solutions from Single User Systems to PLC’s

We operate throughout the UK and Ireland

A continuous development program ensures the software is always up to date

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