Season Factory delivers a seamless extension of your Office.

It runs on IP rated Touch Panel PC’s or Windows Tablets and can communicate with scales, scanners and label printers, to cover all factory operations and Food Accreditation Standards.

Integration with GS1 barcodes speeds up operations.

It covers all your processes and provides full stock control, traceability and makes food accreditation easy.

Customer Prep Notes, Product Specifications, Product OCM and Pallet Labels, along with stock management, traceability and HACCP increases production efficiency and accuracy.

Computerise your existing scales by adding an compatible weighing indicator.

EU Compliance with Weights and Measures. NMO cert 13.2 GB-1488

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Stock and Product Receipt

Book in your stock at Goods In quickly and easily

Enter traceability and HACCP Information if required

Weigh produce or manually enter weights

Print Industry Specification labels

Use our Barcode Wizard to setup GS1 barcodes and scan supplier labels to confirm stock received

Compliance with Industry Standards such as Bord Bia, FQAS etc

Factory Production

Breaking Down Product

Break down product from primal to see targets and actual yield

Obtain accurate product costs based on raw material used, including packaging and labour

Job entry with product breakdown, product costings and yield analysis

Extensive traceability and production reports showing yields, costs, profits etc.

Full audit management of operator activities

Produce product, box and pallet labels

Fully compliant with weights and measures to produce retail standard labels

Factory Production

Recipe Management

Prepare recipes to exact tolerances with bulk and hand weighing to improve consistency and reduce waste

Follow on screen instructions and HACCP questions

Three levels of traceability giving a practical solution for all companies:

Simple – enter the batch for the product and the system will remember it for 24 hours

Detailed – scan labels or select batches for full traceability (batches can be mixed)

Full – batches cannot be mixed e.g. Bord Bia, FQAS etc


Speed up your dispatch operations

Manage orders split over different departments

Print Labels and Pick Note Labels with shipping and product details

Confirm what the customer requires including specifications, prep notes and working within weight tolerances. Confirmed orders are automatically available for invoicing

Scan Supplier (GS1 Format) or your own labels for easy dispatch

Split boxes and replacement product options

Manage prime/portion stocks – with predictive stock capability, setting relationships between primal and portion ensures that the stock is automatically reserved for primal when portion stock is ordered

Ability to produce manual orders

Mobile Factory

Season Mobile Factory runs on rugged IP rated handheld PDA’s providing full mobility

Using the handhelds you can:

Book In Stock

Label Stock

Carry Out Jobs

Dispatch Sales Orders

Perform Fast and Accurate Stock Checks

Transfer Stock To and From Locations

Scan Barcode Labels


Other benefits and features include:

Stock Check Procedure

Label products to Industry GS1 standard using Bartender Label Design Software

Ability to ask the operator critical HACCP questions throughout the production process

Box management feature identifies the contents of boxes and how many are due to be delivered to the customer

Retrieve yields per operator

Full security on what an operator can view and access

Stocks are updated at goods in, production and dispatch and are accurate up to the last label printed.

Stock Management

Season Factory integrates with various industry weighing indicators and labelling printers

Convert an existing scale to a computerised one by just changing a weighing indicator

Transfer stock to and from different locations using handheld PDA’s

Produce pallet labels or individual box labels for required level of traceability

Traceability and HACCP screens configurable to record required information by type of product.

Fish Landing (Sales Notes) data entered at point of receipt

Create purchase orders at point of receipt using supplier history

Season Office

Season Factory is linked to the Office giving instantaneous communication throughout the business. As soon as orders are confirmed on the factory terminal, the Invoice is immediately ready to print in the Office. Stocks are as accurate up to the last label printed.

Whats New

Autumn 2013
Season Factory has been completely redeveloped and enhanced to provide a cleaner and easier user interface.
New Features and Benefits include:

Filtering enabling data to be viewed in many different ways. For example sales orders can be displayed by date, van route, product, customer, department etc.

Recipe Formulation System is now more intuitive, providing more flexibility and simpler operations

Due to the clean design, more details are shown on screen, providing operators with all the information they need