Season Mobile Factory is the latest data capture factory solution supplied by Datos. Running on rugged handheld devices, the software provides a solution to all your processing, labelling, stock checking and scanning requirements.

Benefits of Season Mobile Factory

  • ♦ Reduce Paperwork and Administration time
  • ♦ Allocate batches, confirm purchase orders, create and complete jobs and confirm sales orders
  • ♦ Real time, automatic stock updates helping you monitor and control your stock levels
  • ♦ Scanning of barcodes reducing human error resulting in fewer returns and a more efficient factory
  • ♦ You can even scan your supplier barcodes, eliminating the need for re-labelling goods-in
  • ♦ Full yield and cost analysis including packaging and labour
  • ♦ Easy to use labelling software with facility to print pack labels, box labels, pallet labels and shipping labels
  • ♦ Stock checks are faster and easier
  • ♦ Runs on Rugged IP rated devices

Features of Season Mobile Factory

  • ♦ Book in Stock
  • ♦ Label Stock
  • ♦ Carry out Jobs
  • ♦ Dispatch Sales Orders
  • ♦ Perform Fast & Accurate Stock Checks
  • ♦ Transfer Stock to and from locations
  • ♦ Scan Barcode Labels

"Credits have reduced by around 70& by installing the Factory Software. We haven't changed the pickers, but they must find it easier with this new system as they are making less mistakes." (J&M Provisions)

Season Mobile Factory works alongside Season Factory. To find out more click here.